Sunday, August 18, 2013

3208Clock Part 2: Prepare the Hardware to get connected with the Arduino IDE

Hardware connection

The 3208Clock has of cause no Arduino boot loader installed and it also has no serial or USB connection on pin headers. For this reason it is only possible to program the device over the ICSP connector with an programmer like an AVR ISPmk2.

Don't be scared. If you have an Arduino (I only tested it with the UNO but it should also work with older versions) then you also have an ISP Programmer. Just flash the ArduinoISP sketch which is delivered with the examples of the Arduino IDE to your Arduino.

Here are the parts that are needed to make the connection.
  • 1 Arduino (in this case its an Arduino UNO others should work as well)
  • 6 Jumper wires female to male
  • 1 2*3 pin header OR I would recommend a boxed header

The pin header / boxed header must be soldered to the 3208Clock board. To make sure that the boxed header is mounted in the correct direction take a closer look on the picture below.

And here is a picture with the finished setup. Please double check the connections before you power on the Arduino programmer just to make sure that the Arduino and the 3208Clock is still alive after our first try.

If there is already an ISP programmer by hand then of cause this can be used. I personally use a USBprog which works as an AVR ISPmkII clone.

In the next post I will show a closer look into the configuration of the Arduino IDE. Especially the way how a new device can be added so that it can be selected under Tools - Board in the Arduino IDE.