Sunday, July 24, 2016

HotKey 3

Building and Programming a prototype

Wiring up the Keypad to the Arduino Leonardo

To wire up the Keypad to the Arduino Leonardo I've soldered some thin copper wire to the connector of the PCB and connected it to an external proto board as you can see in the picture below.

After that was done I wired up a simple adapter board for the Arduino Leonardo.

The schematic for this board is quite simple. It just consists of a 10Pin connector for the keypad, an RGB LED and two connectors for the LC-Diaplay and the Serial debug connection.

Creating the Program / Sketch

After the Keypad was wired up to the Leonardo I had to figure out a way to find get the key presses properly into the Arduino. THANKFULLY there was already a library on the Arduino page which does exactly THAT. I've played around a little bit with it and it seem to work properly.

I've created some test sketches and uploaded them into my GitHub repository.

Now I will need to find a way to replace the original PCB of the Keypad.